Bespoke Chalet in Monte Estoril

Timeless property, located in the middle of Monte Estoril, currently under renovation to match the charm of the past with the comfort of modern living

Energetic Certification: B

The Property

Typical mansion with architectural traces from a period that has come to characterize the region, located at the top of the hill of Monte Estoril, next to a small square surrounded by shops and restaurants.

Notorious house, with a hundred-year-old umbrella pine, it did not find the necessary maintenance for many years, and almost the entire interior had to be salvaged or rebuilt because it had deteriorated and was in danger of collapsing. It is in the need to reinvent the history of this building that the premises of the project emerge.

The experiences of the contemporary times have changed, the need for spaces and areas has evolved, and the programmatic response to the interior of the new house has coincided with this evolution. The noble floor, in the highest level of the plot, is assumed as a social floor, giving way to a large, high-end dynamic kitchen, a living room with a view to the outside surroundings and an independent dining room. The entrance is made through the hall that communicates directly with the original triumphal stairs, properly recovered. The need for a social bathroom gives rise to a space that challenges scale and perception.

When you go up to the upper floors, you will find suitably qualified suites with the windows of the existing facades, and with all the amenities and storage necessary for the comfort of our days. Upon reaching the top floor, the attic, there is a large open area, suitable for different uses, and a last suite. All bathrooms are designed with bespoke materials. In the new sloping roof, redone with new technologies and insulation, new windows  were open, framing the beaches of Estoril to the south, and for the Sintra mountains to the north.

The house imposes itself on urbanity, and on its own limit of the plot. A garden with dynamic textures and colors has been refurbished around it, and a pool area has been built to keep the owners and visits fresh on hot summer days. The property includes private parking space.

A house with history, in its way of living, in its place, which is reinvented while maintaining its essence.

The Details

3 suites + 1 open space loft
Plot area
414 sqm
Total Built area
330 sqm
Implantation area
122 sqm
Outdoor Area
292 sqm
Terraces and Balcony
20 sqm
Ceiling height (avg.)
3 m
Year of Renovation
Energetic Certification



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