Historic two bedroom apartment

Contemporary architecture, materials and living technology co-exists with old elements in a unique, bespoke style.

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The Property

The first visits began to be enlightening for the construction of a new stage in the life of that space, which, according to the records available, dates back to 1722 (pre-Pombaline) and resisted several stages of the city’s history, including the Great Earthquake (1755).

The project was built on two premises: the program to be defined and the strategy of restoration and preservation of each element and detail, that belonged to the legacy of that place. It was a process of proximity, a project truly solved step-by-step, in close relation with the construction. Over the past several months, indelible treasures have been discovered that shaped the final result: 18th century tiles in footers, massive brick vaults, stone blocks from the Fernandina wall, the original wood shutters, etc.

The new history that is built for this place intends to be cared and essential, based mainly on details, materials and technology to improve the experience and permanence of it’s different spaces. Artificial light enhances every memory preserved, materials and accessories are sober so they do not overlap the existing space.

A place with Memories that allows the new experience to be in symbiosis with the layers of History that shape space.

The Details

Property size
145 sqm
Year of renovation
Energetic Certification


The Process

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