Spacious feeling in cozy Campo de Ourique apartment

This apartment in one of the top neighbourhoods in Lisbon had small sized divisions. The challenge was to make the most of the existent space and our architect devised a clever new interior arrangement which resulted in a spacious feeling, modern lines and top notch kitchen area.

Mentions & Awards

The Property

The proposed challenge was the renovation of a small apartment with one bedroom, a living area with shared kitchen area and a exterior patio.

The project responds to the challenge with a set of particular details, which do not alter the essence of existing the space, but add value to it.

The typology is divided into three moments. The entrance, which is composed of a long narrow corridor, culminating in a bifurcation. To the right, the social zone and the exterior patio, to the left, the sanitary installation and the sleeping zone. The lack of natural light was compensated by a set of indirect light systems, which add dimension and texture to the space, and allow a better articulation with the rest of the space.

In the bedroom area, it was contemplated a storage area, reducing the toilet area to the essential minimum, using the details of indirect light and access doors to add value the spaces.

In the living area, the food preparation space was too small for contemporary needs, and in that sense, a zone closed cabinets was created that houses the essential appliances, and an island that is assumed as a sculptural object, allows functions related to preparation of food, sitting and living.
The access to the patio was redone, the pavement flooring was changed and a fence was placed, allowing the neighboring treetops to maintain their imposing presence, but creating a more private space.

The Details

Property size
40 sqm
Year of Renovation



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