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We specialise in urban renovation and adaptative reuse of spaces. As a boutique property developer, we deliver to our clients unique, life improving real estate projects.

Residential and Commercial Development

We develop bespoke residential and commercial properties, regarding the highest standards and quality of living.

Professional Services for Real Estate Investors

With our partners, Commerzn helps property owners and real estate investors to maximize their investment.

Living and Investing in Portugal

Our team is ready to help you live and invest in Portugal, supporting your choices every step of the process.

Concierge Services

Dedicated team to handle all the affairs for those who are relocating or having a second home in our country.

Interior Design and Decoration

Our experts can help you bring an entirely new look to your existing space


3D and Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tour service allow our clients to interactively explore the properties from anywhere in the world

Coming Soon
What sets us apart

The unmistakable style of Commerzn projects

Commerzn uniqueness lies on the blend of creativity, innovation and long hours of work from our team towards the ideas of our clients. And in some projects, we are our own clients.

Good services aren’t cheap and cheap services aren’t good

Taking the old quote to its purest meaning, we compete with ourselves in terms of quality and ways of being creative in the search of new solutions.

And because in our soul we believe these things matter we created LeverageWorks, putting all our expertise on custom renovations for clients that seek a service that is above and beyond.