Portela de Sintra

Typical house from the 70’s, where the idea during the renovation and the decoration was to stick to this period but also adapt to the current trend. The inspiration came from the house as well as the Wabi Sabi´s style which tends to use organic materials and natural elements for a raw and pure effect, accomplishing the desire to highlight the authentic marks of the past through materials, simple lines and objects full of history.

Bohemian chic decoration, carefully thought out with an eye for detail, which calls for serenity, and which best combines functionality and aestheticism. Soft materials and colours, scattered with plants to bring nature into the house. Fabrics such as linens and cottons, and different woods such as cane and rattan reinforce this spirit.

On the ground floor, the original terracotta tiles have been preserved and sea rush tiles were used in the night areas in order to be in permanent contact with natural materials. All the walls of the house are covered with a linen-coloured tidelike for a raw rendering and imperfect aesthetic that emphasises simplicity and harmony with nature. 

In the master suite with its clean lines, the bed structure is designed in the mass and covered with the same coating as the walls. The doors to the dressing room are made of white louvers. The bathroom, also with its mass-produced elements, has an emerald green zellige tile wall to enhance the spa and wellness spirit.

In the office, the shelves are also made from the mass, creating niches to highlight the various objects, books and collections on display. A desk and a comfortable chair are positioned in the centre to optimise the space and take advantage of the view and light provided by the bay window.

In the recreation room, two zones stand out, a game area with a pool table and a TV corner. The separation is made by a low structure also shaped in the mass and covered with tidelike, with a bookcase on the billiard side where the sofa covered with comfortable cushions is leaning. This structure continues along the side wall with a return that offers storage space. 

The kitchen follows the same structural scheme as the rest of the house, shaped in the mass, thus allowing it to be optimised while being in harmony with the whole. The doors are made of wood to warm up the space. On the right-hand side, a high shelf accommodates the appliances and cupboards. On the other side, a low shelf facing the window with sink and cooking area. The latter continues at an angle, allowing the creation of an island/bar which also acts as a separation. A laundry room and storage room are created in the extension.

The living room is a large space with a beautiful dining area composed of a large table, a circulation area and a huge lounge area. The latter is composed of a set of wraparound sofas arranged in a U-shape facing an open fireplace, thus reinforcing the warm atmosphere of the place, an appeal to relaxation and cocooning. The large rugs reinforce this effect. A large bay window overlooking a green courtyard lets in plenty of light.

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